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About ITASEC19

The Italian Conference on CyberSecurity (ITASEC) is an annual event supported and organized by the

The 2019 edition will take place in Pisa, from February 12th to February 15th; it will gather Italian researchers and professionals working in the field of cybersecurity, from both private and public sectors and include academia, industries, research institutions, and government.


  • Workshop & Tutorial Day: February 12
  • Conference: February 13-15

The Workshop & Tutorial Day will consist of:

  • Scientific workshops, gathering specialists on hot and advanced topics in cybersecurity;
  • Tutorials, focusing on cybersecurity related aspects of potential interest to the conference attendees at large.

The Conference will include parallel and concurrent tracks:

  • Scientific & Technical track, with scientific and technical contributions on all the aspects of cybersecurity, including interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary hot topics;
  • Stakeholder track, that will include Keynote Speeches, Invited Talks, Vision Speeches, Panels, and Special Sessions;
  • Demo track: prototypes developed by industries, and research groups will be presented;
  • Start-up track: a stage for domestic cybersecurity startups;
  • Vendor sessions track: commercial products from the event’s sponsors will be presented.


Registration is mandatory and the access to the conference place will be granted to registered people only.

The Registration website will be opened on December 15th, 2018


General co-Chairs

Marco Conti

Rocco De Nicola

Paolo Prinetto

Scientific and Technical Program Chair

Pierpaolo Degano (Program Chair)

Fabio Martinelli (Demo, Tutorial, Workshop Chair)

Tutorial co-Chair

Mauro Barni

Demo co-Chairs

Gianluca Dini

Pericle Perazzo

Workshop co-Chairs

Alessandro Piva

Tommaso Zoppi

Start-up Track co-Chairs

Marco Baldi

Gabriele Costa

Finance Chair

Paolo Prinetto

Organization Chair

Angela Miola

Registration Chair

Giuseppe Airò Farulla

Secretary Chair

Gabriella Caramagno

Media Chair

Arturo Di Corinto

Advertising/Brand Identity/Communication Chair

Angela Miola

Sponsorship co-Chair

Gabriella Caramagno

Angela Miola

Vendor Session Chair

Gabriella Caramagno

Ceremonial Chair

Marco Conti

Website Chair

Fabio Benedetti


Scientific and Technical Program Committee


Pierpaolo Degano (Univ. di Pisa)


Maurizio Aiello (IEIIT-CNR, Genova)

Alessandro Armando (Univ. di Genova)

Antonio Barili (Univ. di Pavia)

Massimo Bartoletti (Univ. di Cagliari)

Giampaolo Bella (Univ. Catania)

Francesco Bergadano (Univ. di Torino)

Stefano Bistarelli (Univ. di Perugia)

Nicola Blefari Melazzi (CNIT, Univ. di Roma Tor Vergata)

Andrea Bondavalli (Univ. di Firenze)

Francesco Buccafurri (Univ. di Reggio Calabria)

Paolo Ciancarini (Univ. di Bologna)

Marco Conti (IIT CNR, Pisa)

Mauro Conti (Univ. di Padova)

Domenico Cotroneo (Univ. di Napoli, Federico II)

Bruno Crispo (Univ. di Trento)

Franco Davoli (CNIT, Univ. di Genova)

Rocco De Nicola (IMT, Lucca)

Camil Demetrescu (Sapienza Univ. di Roma)

Alfredo De Santis (Univ. di Salerno)

Felicita Di Giandomenico (ISTI-CNR, Pisa)

Gianluca Dini (Univ. di Pisa)

Luca Durante (IEIIT, CNR Torino)

Elena Ferrari (Univ. dell'Insubria)

Riccardo Focardi (Univ. Ca' Foscari, Venezia)

Giorgio Giacinto (Univ. di Cagliari)

Franco Guida (Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Roma)

Antonio Lioy (Politecnico di Torino)

Giuseppe Lo Re (Univ. di Palermo)

Giuseppe Manco (ICAR-CNR, Cosenza)

Fabio Martinelli (IIT-CNR, Pisa)

Isabella Mastroeni (Univ. di Verona)

Marino Miculan (Univ. di Udine)

Francesco Palmieri (Univ. di Salerno)

Stefano Panzieri (Univ. di Roma Tre)

Francesco Parisi-Presicce (Sapienza Univ. di Roma)

Paolo Prinetto (Politecnico di Torino)

Silvio Ranise (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)

Luigi Romano (Univ. di Napoli, Parthenope)

Fabio Rugge (ISPI, Milano)

Domenico Saccà (Univ. della Calabria)

Pierangela Samarati (Univ. di Milano)

Roberto Setola (Univ. Campus Bio-Medico, Roma)

Maurizio Tesconi  (IIT-CNR, Pisa)

Corrado Aaron Visaggio (Univ. del Sannio)

Stefano Zanero (Politecnico di Milano)

Roberto Zunino (Univ. di Trento)

Steering Committee


Paolo Prinetto (Politecnico di Torino)


Alessandro Armando (Univ. di Genova)

Nicola Blefari Melazzi (CNIT & Univ. di Roma Tor Vergata)

Carlo Blundo (Univ. di Salerno)

Andrea Bondavalli (Univ. di Firenze)

Marco Conti (CNR)

Bruno Crispo (Univ. di Trento)

Rocco De Nicola (IMT, Lucca)

Pierpaolo Degano (Univ. di Pisa)

Elena Ferrari (Univ. dell’Insubria)

Riccardo Focardi (Univ. Ca’ Foscari, Venezia)

Antonio Lioy (Politecnico di Torino)

Fabio Martinelli (CNR)

Silvio Migliori (ENEA)

Pierangela Samarati (Univ. di Milano)

Stefano Zanero (Politecnico di Milano)



Marco Balduzzi (Trend Micro)

Calisto Calisti (IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi)

Roberto Carbone (Security & Trust Unit, FBK)

Mirko Casadei (Accenture)

Fabio Cocurullo (Leonardo)

Giulia Di Bella (Thales Italia)

Francesco Di Cerbo (SAP)

Emanuele Frontoni (Univ. Politecnica delle Marche)

Luca Guidi (IAMBOO)

Anthony Jeffs (Cisco)

Fabio Lazzini (Sogei)

Giuseppe Lettieri (Univ. di Pisa)

Rocco Mammoliti (Poste Italiane)

Paolo Mori (CNR-IIT)

Gianluigi Pugni (ENEL)

Gianluca Varisco (Team per la Trasformazione Digitale)

Local Organizing Committee


Angela Miola (CINI, Chair)

Adriana Lazzaroni (CNR, Vice-Chair)


Patrizia Andronico (IIT-CNR)

Gabriella Caramagno (CINI)

Raffaella Casarosa (IIT-CNR)

Lina Esposito (CINI)

Eniko Puhl (CINI)

Giulia Severino (IIT-CNR)


Call for Papers

General Information

  • Conference Date: 13-15 February, 2019

The ITASEC19 conference solicits two kinds of submissions:

  • Original, unpublished contributions that will be included in an open-access post proceeding volume of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, indexed by both Scopus and DBLP;;
  • Already published or preliminary work that will not be included in the post proceedings volume.

We particularly encourage submissions on new and emerging topics. Authors are requested to clearly indicate whether their paper should be included in the proceedings volume.

Selected papers may be considered for a special issue or a fast track of either:

  • Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming
  • Pervasive and Mobile Computing
  • Computer Communications.

Papers must be in English, formatted in pdf according to the EasyChair style and no longer than 10 pages, excluding bibliography. Extra material exceeding the page limit can be included in a clearly marked appendix of at most 5 pages.

Important Dates

  • 13 December 2018: Paper submission -- STRICT
  • 20 December 2018: Paper notification of acceptance/rejection
  • 15 January 2019: Camera ready version of the accepted papers
  • 13-15 February 2019: Conference

Paper Submission


Call for Workshops

General Information

  • Workshop Day: 12 February, 2019

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the ITASEC19 conference. The purpose of workshops is to provide a forum for exchanging opinions, presenting ideas, and discussing preliminary results in an interactive atmosphere.

Proposals should include:

  • The workshop name and a short description (150 words) of the workshop, to be posted on the conference web site;
  • A brief account of topics, scope and significance of the workshop (if possible include information about past editions);
  • Information about the procedure for selecting papers and/or presentations, the dissemination plan, the expected number of participants, and the planned workshop format.


The ITASEC19 organization provides:

  • A link on the ITASEC19 site
  • Management of registration for participants
  • Setup of meeting space and related equipment
  • Coffee breaks and workshop lunch arrangements
  • Offer one-day registration to one invited speaker.

The main responsibility of organizing a workshop goes to its chairperson(s); they must:

  • Set up and host a webpage
  • Coordinate deadlines and notifications with the ITASEC19 co-chairs
  • Take care of publicity, call for papers, and submission and review process.

Important Dates

  • Workshop proposals due: 21 October 2018
  • Workshop notification of acceptance: 25 October 2018
  • ITASEC19 workshops: 12 February 2019

Workshop Submission


Call for Tutorials

General Information

  • Tutorial Day: 12 February, 2019

ITASEC19 seeks applications for full- or half-day tutorials of interest for the cybersecurity community at large. Shorter "embedded tutorials" to be included in the conference program will be considered as well.

Each tutorial proposal should concisely describe the content and objectives of the tutorial, and include:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Outline of the tutorial content
  • Intended audience, including possible assumed background of attendees
  • Name, affiliation, email address, and brief biography of the speaker(s)
  • Duration: 1.5 hours (embedded), 3 hours (half-day), 6 hours (full-day).

Important Dates

  • Tutorial proposals due: 13 December, 2018
  • Tutorial notification of acceptance/rejection: 20 December, 2018
  • ITASEC19 Tutorial day: 12 February, 2019

Tutorial Submission


Call for Demos

General Information

  • Demos: 13-15 February, 2019

ITASEC19 seeks applications for demonstrations of prototypes or operational systems in any of the areas identified in the scope of the Science &Technology main track. The proposers are expected to prepare a poster and to perform a live demonstration. Demonstrations will provide opportunities to exchange ideas gained from implementing cybersecurity systems and to obtain feedback from expert users.

Demonstration submissions must be in English, formatted in pdf according to the EasyChair style and no longer than 5 pages, excluding bibliography. They should present the objectives and the findings addressed by the demonstration; a walk-through of the actual demonstration should be provided in a clearly marked appendix of at most 5 pages. Commercial demos will not be considered.

Important Dates

  • Demo proposals due: 13 December, 2018
  • Demo notification of acceptance/rejection: 20 December, 2018
  • ITASEC19 Demos tracks: 12 February, 2019


Program committee

  • Marco Balduzzi (Trend Micro)
  • Calisto Calisti (IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi)
  • Roberto Carbone (Security & Trust Unit, FBK)
  • Mirko Casadei (Accenture)
  • Fabio Cocurullo (Leonardo)
  • Giulia Di Bella (Thales Italia)
  • Emanuele Frontoni (Univ. Politecnica delle Marche)
  • Luca Guidi (IAMBOO)
  • Anthony Jeffs (Cisco)
  • Fabio Lazzini (Sogei)
  • Giuseppe Lettieri (Univ. di Pisa)
  • Rocco Mammoliti (Poste Italiane)
  • Paolo Mori (CNR-IIT)
  • Gianluigi Pugni (ENEL)
  • Leonardo Querzoni (Sapienza Univ. di Roma)


Call for Start-up

General Information

  • Start-up Presentations: 13-15 February, 2019

ITASEC19 will also include special sessions on domestic cybersecurity startups. During these sessions, startups will present their ongoing activities in the field of cybersecurity. Activities include, but are not limited to, emerging technologies, open issues and challenges, innovative products and novel application fields.

Startups can submit their proposals as specified below. Submissions must be in English, formatted in pdf according to the EasyChair style and no longer than 3 pages, excluding bibliography. They must include the following information

  • Startup name, description and mission
  • Speaker name and short bio
  • Abstract
  • Description of the presentation
  • Intended audience and requirements.

Important Dates

  • Start-up proposals due: 13 December 2018
  • Start-up notification of acceptance/rejection: 20 December 2018
  • ITASEC19 Start-up tracks: 13-15 February, 2019



The ITASEC19 detailed program will be available from December 20th, 2018

Important Dates

  • 21 October 2018Workshop proposals
  • 25 October 2018Workshop notification of acceptance
  • 13 December 2018Paper submission
  • 13 December 2018Tutorial proposals
  • 13 December 2018Demo proposals
  • 13 December 2018Start-up proposals
  • 15 December 2018Early Registration starts
  • 20 December 2018Paper notification of acceptance
  • 20 December 2018Tutorial notification of acceptance
  • 20 December 2018Demo notification of acceptance
  • 20 December 2018Start-up notification of acceptance
  • 15 January 2019Camera ready version of the accepted Papers
  • 15 January 2019Camera ready version of the accepted Demos
  • 27 January 2019Early Registration closes
  • 28 January 2019Late Registration opens
  • 08 February 2019Late Registration closes
  • 12 February 2019Workshop & Tutorial Day
  • 13-15 February 2019Conference

Venue and Accommodation


The conference will take place in the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche in Pisa.


From Pisa central railway station:

From Pisa International Airport:


Hotel nameSingleDoubleDouble single useAddress
AC hotel ****89 €99 €89 €Via delle Torri, 20, 56124 Pisa PI
Blue Shades Aparthotel ****-89 €79 €Via Pasquale Pardi 19, 56121 Pisa PI
Hotel Bologna ****58 €78 €-Via Giuseppe Mazzini 57, 56125 Pisa PI
Grand Hotel Duomo ****-110 €99 €Via Santa Maria 94, 56126 Pisa PI
NH Hotel ****90 €90 €90 €Piazza della Stazione 2, 56125 Pisa PI
Repubblica Marinara ****-94 €76 €Via Carlo Matteucci, 81, 56124 Pisa PI
Hotel San Ranieri ****-110 €95 €Via Filippo Mazzei, 2 - 56124 Pisa PI
B&B hotel ***-62 €52 €Via Scornigiana, 1, 56121 Pisa PI
Royal Victoria ***--55 €Lungarno Pacinotti, 12, 56126 Pisa PI


Three levels of sponsorships are possible for ITASEC19, characterized by different exposures and recognition: Platinum, Gold, and Silver, respectively.

Please download our sponsorship package for details about the available sponsorship plans. Should you have any question, please contact us by email at:

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors